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Going And Going
When you’re planning to cruise around the world, you need to make sure all the systems and gear are in order on board. Imagine recently had her generators, rigging, mast and sails replaced, and the yacht received updates to her navigation and communi
Yachting2 min read
The Ukulele Man
HE’S KNOWN AS the “wood whisperer.” After nearly 30 years of making ukuleles on Oahu, luthier Joe Souza knows how to read the grain of each piece of native koa wood he selects for his instruments to produce kanile`a—the “joyful sound” for which he na
Yachting2 min read
High Flyer
SURE, YOU’RE USED TO SEEING QUAD-ENGINE CENTER-CONSOLES that go fast. But 63.9 knots? Of course, tricked-out twin-step hulls are nothing new. But one with vertical sidewall tunnels and a centered aft tunnel that grips the water like Pirellis on aspha