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Kokoro No Shinka
Gilbert Ryle derisively called it “the ghost in the machine,” critiquing René Descartes’ theory of substance dualism, which posits that the mind and body are separate entities and presupposes the existence of the soul. At a loss to articulate the way
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The Stunts Of Ford V Ferrari
“You can do the same stunt five times and have different results. When physics take over … who knows what could happen?” That’s according to Robert Nagle, who, in his role of stunt coordinator for Ford v Ferrari, orchestrated cars going wheel to whee
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Mt Confidential
The XK engine made Jaguar famous. Designed by William Heynes in the 1940s, the XK was an inline-six with twin overhead camshafts. It made its debut in 1949 and stayed in production until 1992. Built in displacements ranging from 2.4 to 4.2 liters, it