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Charles the Simple, King of West Francia, grants land around Rouen to Rollo, the leader of local Viking settlers. In return, the pagan Rollo agrees to be baptised and he becomes the first ruler of

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History of War2 min read
Operation Greif: Ss Behind The Lines
During the Battle of the Bulge the man known to the allies as ‘Hitler’s assassin’, SS Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, commanded Panzer Brigade 150. At the start of the Battle of the Bulge he was given the task of orchestrating Operation Greif (Gri
History of War2 min read
Wwii This Month… December 1939
Air crew returned from their recent raid over the North Sea give the thumbs up after their safe return to England. Despite their optimism British bombing missions over Heligoland this month were a failure – on 18 December over half the 22 Wellington
History of War9 min read
Lone Wolf Britain’s Night Fighter ‘Ace’
As the Luftwaffe moved away from mass daylight bombing operations against Britain during September 1940, the RAF faced a dilemma. Thus far it had scant night-fighting capabilities. Such assets that RAF Fighter Command had were virtually untested and