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The Tigers Of Bastogne
On 16 December 1944 at 5.30am in a salient just east of the Belgian/German frontier, dispersed wide along an area known as the Schnee Eifel, green troops of the 106th Golden Lion Division were rudely awakened from their winter sojourn by spectral red
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Vickers Vimy
The Vimy was designed for a bombing campaign against Germany, but it would make its name as a trailblazer, opening the world’s skies to long-range flights. As the RAF’s main frontline heavy bomber it would serve in the UK and the Middle East from 191
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Heroes Of Bastogne
Two regiments of the 106th Infantry Division, around 6,800 surrendered. Schaffner was one of the lucky ones. His unit managed to escape and fight on. The 90th endured a hard fight out at Longvilly but by 28 December the 1st and 2nd platoons had been