History of War


John F. Kennedy’s victory in the 1960 United States presidential election was not just based on his charisma and television debate performances but also on his

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War In Focus
US Marines take up position while fighting near the city of Kut, during the coalition invasion of Iraq. Kut, in the east of the country, was the scene of fierce fighting during the Iraq War, code named Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was previously the s
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Boleslaw The Brave
An army of armoured knights from Poland, Saxony and Bohemia, supported by Pecheneg horse archers, arrived on the banks of the Western Bug River in Red Ruthenia on 23 July 1018. The army, under the leadership of Duke Boleslaw I Chrobry, was en route t
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Speaking as part of the Stratford Literary Festival, bestselling author Sinclair McKay discusses his new book Dresden: The Fire And The Darkness Before WWII, Dresden was renowned for its beautiful architecture. However, Allied air raids between 13-