History of War


The war was a mixed affair for the USA. Although there were famous land victories, such as the battles of the Thames and New Orleans, their importance was inflated to compensate for the defeats the US Army suffered at the hands of the British. Repeated attempts to conquer Canada failed, and Washington, DC itself was occupied and burned. For a nation that had successfully thrown off British rule only a generation before, the inability of the

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The Hussite War Wagon
In 1419, four years after the renegade preacher Jan Hus was burned at the stake, his followers, the Hussites, found themselves at war with the combined might of the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. Despite inferior numbers, training and equ
History of War3 min read
Barons’ Wars
When King John refuses to accept and abide by the terms of Magna Carta, rebellious Anglo-Norman barons revoke their fealty to him. They invite Prince Louis of France to invade England and take the English throne. John flees and Louis is proclaimed ki
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Wwii This Month… February 1940
After failing to make a breakthrough against the Finnish defensive line, known as the Mannerheim Line, the Soviets launched a second massive offensive across the Karelian Isthmus, near the village of Summa. On 1 February, over 300,000 artillery shell