History of War


All warfare is brutal, but medieval battles could be uniquely intense. Although bows, spears and siege weapons provided some distance, the majority of fighting was hand to hand. The Middle

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Chain Of Command
Reinhard Heydrich was a leading SS and police official in Nazi Germany, who became one of the chief architects of the Holocaust. He had formed earlier Einsatzgruppen operating in Poland in 1939. These units arrested and executed individuals deemed a
History of War1 min read
80 Years Of The World's First Special Forces
History of War8 min readInternational Relations
“Stalin Brought Barbarossa On Himself”
As well as being the largest invasion in history, Operation Barbarossa was also the greatest crisis of Joseph Stalin’s career. A bloodthirsty dictator, Stalin had ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist since the 1920s. Millions of his own people ha