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The Home Front 1939-1945 In 100 Objects
Author: Austin J. Ruddy Publisher: Frontline Books Price: £25 The ‘100 objects’ approach to history is now a familiar one. The success or failure of this format depends heavily on the author’s intimate knowledge of the subject. In this case, Austi
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An Isolated Fortress
A tiny, volcanic island 650 nautical miles (1,200 kilometres) south of Tokyo, Iwo Jima is a mere eight square miles (21 square kilometres) in size. Nevertheless, as part of the Volcano Islands, it was – and remains – Japanese territory. Considered a
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The Treaty Of Paris: America Gains An Empire
With its navy decimated and Cuba lost in the span of just 12 weeks, Spain entered negotiations for a peace treaty with the United States as 1898 drew to a close. It was like a farewell party for an empire whose size and reach once circled the world.