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Land Of The Rising Gun
In 1543 a powerful typhoon blew a Chinese junk off course, washing it onto the subtropical coast of Tanegashima – an island just off the southernmost tip of Japan, ruled by the Shimazu clan. The three Portuguese merchants aboard stepped out, onto a c
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The Taliban At War
Author: Antonio Giustozzi Publisher: Hurst & Co. Price: £50 Released: September 2019 The Taliban swept across Afghanistan like a force of nature after it was established in 1996. Seven years later it was vanquished and dispersed with relatively litt
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Revolutionaries Kings And Generals
Responsible for most of the military victories of the Risorgimento, Garibaldi was born in Nice to a Ligurian family and began his career as a merchant sailor. In the early 1830s, he joined the Piedmont-Sardinian Navy but had to escape to South Americ