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Nobunaga And The Monks
By the 16th century, Japan's Buddhist warrior monks had amassed great wealth, influence and power. Chief among them were the Ikko-ikki, or ‘single minded’ sect. Self-governing, the Ikko rejected any outside interference, even driving a constable out
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The Capital Of Ruins
In 1944 Saint-Lô was a strategically important Norman city where a number of major roads intersected. If the Allies could take it then it would allow them to access the entire region and provide a route to advance towards Paris. The Germans also knew
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The Taliban At War
Author: Antonio Giustozzi Publisher: Hurst & Co. Price: £50 Released: September 2019 The Taliban swept across Afghanistan like a force of nature after it was established in 1996. Seven years later it was vanquished and dispersed with relatively litt