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Perhaps influenced by the extraordinary accuracy of the American frontier rifle, in the 1770s, Ferguson had begun to experiment with a new type of breech-loading rifle. Ordinarily firearms of the day, whether smoothbore muskets or rifles, had

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Mitsubishi A6 M ‘Zero’
The Zero’s light construction left it unable to carry heavy armament, although later models had a further machine-gun added to each wing. Between the main fuel tank behind the engine, the tanks in either wing stub, and the optional drop tank, the Zer
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Battle Famous : Turckheim
The small town of Turckheim endured a miserable experience during the Franco-Dutch War. Pillaged by French forces following the Battle of Sinzheim in 1674, it was destined to become the seat of battle again just six months later. German soldiers were
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In the Autumn of 1944, after their successful breakout from the beachheads in Normandy and with German forces making a fighting retreat east, the Allied armies continued their advance, liberating villages, towns and cities. However their progress was