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Battle Of Arginusae
For a long while, Athens had rested its hopes for a successful war on Alcibiades, the notorious but undeniably talented general who had led the Athenian fleet to victories at Abydos in 411 BCE and Cyzicus in 410 BCE. But a disobedient underling lost
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“Conspicuous Gallantry”
The Medal of Honor is the United States’ highest military decoration that recognises servicemen and women for acts of extreme courage. Since its establishment in 1861, only 3,525 have been awarded to 3,506 individuals. Twenty-seven of these were awar
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Dak To
North Vietnamese soldiers in bunkers, trenches and behind trees atop Hill 875 open fire on the point squad of Charlie Company at 10.30am on 19 November. The forward-most American troops of Charlie and Dog companies goes to ground and returns fire wit