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‘Next time I’m on a shoot I’m going to push it that bit further... Just think of the reward’

Hands up how many of you reading this article own a camera. Yes? Well it's a pretty easy question given you're reading a photography magazine, but even if I went and asked this question on the street the majority of people

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Recently you asked readers to write in regarding ‘photospeak' which either annoyed or confused, and while reading through Michael Topham's review of the Sony Alpha 7R IV (AP 12 October) I made a note of a few things which had me scratching my head, a
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The Man Who Shot The Sixties
Bailey, Donovan, Duffy. No first names needed. This trailblazing photographic triumvirate lit up the 1960s and beyond, arguably becoming more famous than most of its subjects. Dubbed ‘The Black Trinity’ by legendary fashion photographer Norman Parkin
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Exotogg Body Warmer
● £99 ● HERE at Amateur Photographer we get sent a variety of clothing products to review, from jackets and gloves specially designed with photographers' needs in mind to more obscure garments like the Exotogg body warmer. Intended t