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The Lumix G80 arrived in 2016 and on first sight appeared to be virtually identical to the Lumix G7 from 2015. Though its styling and ergonomics were little different, the G80 was a big step from the G7 and inherited a lot of its innards from the sma
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Now and Then: England 1970-2015 By Daniel Meadows
The Bodleian Library, £25, 160 pages, hardback, ISBN 1851245332 ★★★★★ There has been a glut of great documentary photography books this year and Now and Then by Daniel Meadows is a very worthy addition to the canon. Meadows has been an acclaimed doc
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The club was founded in January 2014. A pint. As well as enthusiasm, encouragement, advice and inspiration. First of all, we are not your typical camera club. We have no speakers, presentations, competitions, outings, secretaries, committees or membe