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How to execute a wild camp


Use digital and paper maps

Technology is amazing, and the ability to pinpoint your location using OS Maps on your phone makes life so much easier. But what happens if you drop your phone or the battery runs out? For these two

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Below the title of the austere blue front cover of Issue I of Amateur Photographer, dated Friday 10 October 1884 are the words: ‘A Popular Journal devoted to the interests of photography and kindred arts and sciences.' Now 135 years later, little has
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THE HOLIDAY season is almost upon us, which means it's time for Stir-up Sunday, sentimental TV adverts, and the Amateur Photographer Christmas cover competition. This year we have teamed up with Photocrowd and Billingham to offer you global exposure,
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Benro BLB1
● £50 ● L-BRACKETS are really useful for shooting in portrait format using a tripod, as they allow you to keep your camera positioned directly over the head, which is far more stable than hanging it off to one side. It's possible to