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COVER: Puffer jacket, GUESS ($155); Gold and diamond necklace ($47,000), gold and diamond Evil Eye necklace ($7,200), gold and diamond “Faith” Script necklace ($1,255), gold and diamond hoop earrings ($2,445, $860 and $905), SYDNEY EVAN, s
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Unreal Estate
In our last survey of over-the-top real estate for this magazine we noted that $100 million listings, almost unheard of until a few years ago, had become the new benchmark for the ultra rich buyer. Now in the space of less than a year that figure see
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Rebirth Of A Legend
Determined to honor one of the most iconic and influential supercars in history, the EB110, iconic automaker Bugatti set itself a seemingly impossible task. The company wanted to modernize this classic, bringing it up to standards set by the company’