Cadillac has been a preferred provider of limousines to presidents over the years, beginning with President Woodrow Wilson, who rode one through the streets

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Catch Her If You Can
It’s possible you don’t know who Alex Hirschi is, but in today’s social media-dominated world, there’s almost no doubt that you’ve heard of her professional handle, Supercar Blondie. The Australian-born, Dubai-living former radio personality has buil
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Hot Shots
English hallmarks confirm where gold and silver items are tested and their standard of purity. This 22ct–gold signet ring is marked with a DQ, a 916 indicating 91.6 grams of pure gold per 100 grams, an anchor for the assay office where it was tested,
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Lion Of The East
In July, when billionaire entrepreneur Sir James Dyson purchased a $32 million Good Class Bungalow, with prime views of the Botanic Gardens in one of Singapore’s most exclusive neighborhoods, it might have been a case of déjà vu for local residents.