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Q: I was diagnosed with low thyroid, but the medication I’m taking isn’t helping. What am I doing wrong? — Becca R., Phoenix

A:Izabella Wentz was in the best of health and on top of the world. She earned a doctorate in pharmacy at the age of 23, became a Fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, and met and married the man of her dreams.

Life was good. Until the symptoms started. Wentz suddenly started getting really tired, sometimes sleeping up to 14 hours in one day. She started experiencing unexpected panic attacks. Ditto with depression, which now was a regular—and unexplainable—visitor. She’d never had allergies, but was suddenly sensitive to

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Add the goodness of red beets to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks, with naturally sweet-tasting and instantly soluble Salus Red Beet Crystals. Carefully obtained from the juice of freshly harvested organic beets, they’re a great addition to