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From its humble start in 1938, Better Nutrition is still going strong, driven by its original mission—to inspire and educate health enthusiasts about supplements, holistic therapies, food, beauty products, and natural living. Through the years, BN has always been a little ahead of the curve. When other publications featured articles about the dangers

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Better Nutrition2 min read
Talk Healthy Today
Keto. Decluttering. Yoga. Food sensitivities. These are all very popular topics right now. And according to our recent reader’s survey, you are interested in learning more about them. We have a new way to help you do just that: I’m thrilled to announ
Better Nutrition3 min read
Make-Ahead Holiday Salad
This Mediterranean Diet-inspired salad is a “fat and fiber bomb”—healthy fat from avocado and olive oil paired with fiber from artichokes and nuts. And that’s not even including the fiber in avocados that we bet you didn’t know about! (See “Featured
Better Nutrition3 min read
3 Supplements For Brain Health
In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa monnieri is also called “brahmi,” which means “brain tonic.” The active ingredients are bacosides, and they work synergistically with a mix of other plant components to support memory and learning capacity. A