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Wintertime Essentials
Step aside, coconut creamer. There’s a new kid in town. Elmhurst Hemp Creamers, the first hemp creamer on the domestic market, are made from real hemp cream and have 350 mg of plant omega-_s per serving. They’re crafted through a HydroRelease method
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Gorgeous Gifts
You’re guaranteed to make someone’s day with this adorable gift set. Here’s what you get: a mini essential oil diffuser; 1 bottle Candy Cane Essential Oil Blend; 1 bottle Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend; 1 bottle Clove Essential Oil; and 1 bottle
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Rice, Reimagined
Did you know that more than half of the world’s caloric intake comes from rice? That couldn’t be a bad thing, right? After all, rice is cheap, plentiful, and nutritious, and good way to feed the multitudes. But now consider these facts about traditio