In building the new OXE outboard diesel, Cimco hopes to provide a rugged new outboard option that can handle thousands of hours of duty on work boats — but that also has recreational appeal. Think yacht owners looking to run the same fuel through their tenders as the big boat

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Q: Dear Doc, I am thinking of changing my standard wet-cell marine batteries for AGM batteries, but the cost of AGM batteries has me hesitating. What do you recommend? Marie DeLuca St. Petersburg, Florida A: Let me state that there is nothing wrong w
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North Coast 280cc
With the now-complete evolution of the center-console into a form of luxury cruiser, it’s important to remember this type of boat’s original mission statement: to go fishing. North Coast didn’t forget this and designed the 280CC to be a hardcore fish
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BRIG Navigator 610
There’s a theme in European folklore about a magical pair of walking boots that allow the wearer to cover seven leagues (21 miles) at every stride. A friend likes to use that term to describe small boats with outsize capabilities. That’s the feel we