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Building A Sterndrive Lower-unit Service Stand
Once detached from a marine engine, a sterndrive or outboard lower unit is unwieldy and heavy, making repairs and storage awkward at best. Some boaters use bench vises to grip the skeg and keep lower units upright while undertaking work, but this is
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Goofy, Not Crazy
Never underestimate a man in a pontoon boat. It was the late summer of 1999 when I walked into the Lake View Inn and found Malcolm “Goofy” Sohm hunched over a Wisconsin highway map spread out on the faded blue Formica bar top. “I’m going to cross Lak
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What A Drag!
Jean-Jacques Savin crossed the Atlantic Ocean last year, aboard a floating capsule with no steering mechanism or source of propulsion. The intrepid Frenchman relied upon ocean currents to make his crossing. If the steering system aboard your powerboa