The insurance check didn’t arrive until after Christmas, but my good friend Chuck Larson figured that was perfect timing. None of his settlement would be siphoned off to give some distant nephew an extra-special holiday. Now Chuck had cash in hand before boat-show season.

“What do you think about a center console boat?” Chuck asked me one January evening as we huddled

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The Rage R22 can handle big-water swells or skinny creeks with equal aplomb. But indulge me for a moment while I rave about its handling. Get up to speed and crank the wheel hard over, and you’re headed in the opposite direction in a flash. This is o
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Gear Head
A clean ship is a happy ship, as the saying goes, and the Ultimate One Bucket System from Shurhold provides just about everything you need to clean your boat and stay happy. This kit includes a rope-handled 5-gallon bucket, Buff Magic compound, Pre-P
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Cobia 350cc
You’ll like Cobia’s new 350CC so much, you may want to make it yours with the same alacrity and enthusiasm with which you’d adopt that perfect, irresistible puppy at the pound. Cobia’s latest boat proved loaded with features bespeaking know-how and,