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What’s the fastest way to gain muscle from your workouts? If you’re someone who regularly lifts weights or does another form of resistance has found that taking a dietary protein supplement may not be have the same muscle-building benefits for everyone, particularly in older adults who require a higher concentration of protein to make supplementation as effective as it is in younger people. The research team at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, analyzed dozens of clinical studies and found that the combination of resistance training and protein supplements was beneficial for healthy adults but was less effective for older adults. This suggests protein serving sizes or composition may need to be optimized for older adults, and further research is merited. The researchers also found that going beyond 1.6 grams of dietary protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day (during resistance training) does not enhance any changes in muscle mass. The researchers aim to use their findings to help supplement makers customize their protein (by adding either a larger dose of protein or a protein that is fortified with additional leucine to trigger muscle growth) so people of all ages can benefit.

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