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Holiday Survival


From mid-November to late December, you’ll shop, you’ll plan, you’ll cook your heart out, and, no matter how much you love the holidays, you’ll stress. It’s inevitable. Or is it?

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, cookbook authors, culinary instructors and the faces of our newest Clean Eating Academy course, Shortcut Cooking: Easiest- Ever Clean Meals, seem to have it ?gured out.

“People overemphasize the product of cooking rather than the process,” Scarbrough explains. “That mistakes the point of cooking.” He continues, “Given the status of the food industry in North America right now, there’s a crazy

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Your Questions Answered
Q: What is the OMAD (one meal a day) diet? Isn’t this the exact opposite of everything we were taught about eating healthily? The one-meal-a-day plan is an extreme version of intermittent fasting, used to improve overall health (like control levels o
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How to Use Less Water
1. Compost food scraps. A shocking 40% of all the food we produce is currently tossed. Try not to waste food in the first place, but if you must, throw rotten items, peels or other bits in the compost when possible. This returns the water that’s “emb
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Prep Once, Grill All Week
Prep on Sunday for a week’s worth of meals. When you’re ready to eat, simply finish off the recipes and grill. 1. Make aioli for Grilled Whole Red Snapper with Lemon Aioli (recipe through Step 1). Cover and refrigerate. 2. Stuff chicken for Pizza-Stu