The last few years we’ve brought you two amazing Oxygen Challenges — the first with coaches Erin Stern and Amanda Latona and the second with coaches Ashley Kaltwasser and Christmas Abbott. Each Challenge was unique and inspiring, the trainers were all radically different and the transformations of the participants — all we can say is wow. For our third Challenge — which we are affectionately calling OC3 — we added two more exceptional A-listers to our matchless roster: Kaisa Keranen and Jamie Eason Middleton.

Each coach created her own 90-day training and nutrition program exclusively for Oxygen that will change the way you look, train, eat, think and feel. Through video content accessible on AIM Fitness Network, your coach takes you step by step through each and every exercise in her workout, offering form tips and insider tricks as well as modifications for special populations and intensifiers for more advanced athletes. So no matter your current fitness level or starting point, these programs will allow you to reach your goals and be in the best shape of your life.

Your coach will also provide you with a nutritional plan that outlines her theory on food and dieting, guidelines for meal prep, grocery lists, recipes and other expert tips for fitting healthful food into your life. This helps make getting in shape easy as well as delicious and can further your physique and health results.

OC3 could be just the launching pad you

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