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NO MATTER HOW DILIGENT YOU ARE with warming up, proper form and recovery, if you’re a regular exerciser, you’re going to get sore. “Our bodies are well-designed machines created to take an overwhelming amount of punishment and keep moving forward,” says Eraldo Maglara, NSCA-CPT, a New Jersey–based personal trainer. “However, even machines have a breaking point, and when you push your body beyond its limits, you put yourself at risk for injury.”

But di_ erentiating between an everyday ache and a more complex injury isn’t always easy. “If you’re not a little bit sore after a workout, you’re not doing enough,” says Jordan Metzl, M.D., a sports medicine doctor in New York City and author of the new book Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Workout Prescription (Rodale Books, 2016). “But soreness that lingers and changes the way you move is a big red flag.”

Clearly, if your knee goes right when it should go left, you’re ER-bound, but if your knee has a niggling little tweak or dull, nebulous pain, it’s time to tap the experts. Read on to see what Maglara and

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