Five Chromebook hacks that give your laptop surprising new talents

Chromebooks may be impressively versatile, but a good Chromebook hack helps it break out of its browser-based confines and try new talents on for size. Top of the list, of course, is the ability to install a full Linux desktop operating system via the Crouton project. But there’s a lot you can tweak or add to multiply a Chromebook’s powers. Some of these features require you to install Linux—a really easy task if you follow our Crouton tutorial—but many do not. Here are five Chromebook hacks that will improve your user experience and make these laptops even more powerful.


Just as everyone knows you can put Linux on a Chromebook, it’s probably common knowledge that you. Using this feature, your full-time gaming PC runs the game you want to play, but you interact with it on your Chromebook.

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