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Mini Test Circular polarisers
£110-300/$86-249 (30.5-86mm) B+W’s premium XS-Pro circular polarisers come in a huge range of thread diameters to suit lenses from tiny Micro Four Thirds optics through to beefy large aperture super-teles. A cheaper ‘F-Pro’ ra
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Night Sky Essentials
Having a camera with Manual exposure mode is a must when you want to capture the northern lights – and night sky shots in general. While DSLRs have traditionally been de rigeur for this genre, full-frame mirrorless cameras can also be used to great e
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I thought I’d seen it all by now, but the postman’s path to Culnacraig passes over some of the steepest ground I’ve yet encountered. If there wasn’t a path bidding me to keep going, I’d have turned back. I later found out there have been several resc