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At first glance this is the sort of image that we might hover over the Delete button for; yet there’s something here that could – but rather than playing with White Balance, I’m going to use Split Toning, selecting a warm tone for both Highlights and Shadows, pushing up Saturation on both and adjusting the Balance slider until I think it looks right.

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Are You Ready For Raw Files?
Larger memory cards – 32GB and upwards – are a must for the raw shooter. A healthy write speed of 90MB/sec or more is helpful, too, as raws take longer to write to the card. Raws are useless without dedicated raw software to process them. Your camera
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What Is Image Stabilisation All About?
Marcus Hawkins Photographer and writer Marcus is a former editor of Digital Camera The photographic rule of thumb for taking sharp shots without the aid of a tripod is that the shutter speed should be no slower than the effective focal length of the
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Warrior 2 Jon Adams
This is an interesting angle on the Florence Duomo. We have multiple lead-in lines from the buildings on either side of the street, drawing us into the base of the main subject. From T there, the eye is carried up to the dome, and comes to rest on th