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Compose on a smartphone

Working with a smartphone camera means using your composition skills and working with light creatively. Compositions are improved with leading lines and diagonals. Find creative ways to introduce depth of field with foreground interest.

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Six Ways To Shoot… Documentary Images
Good documentary images have a narrative about the subject you are photographing. You won’t necessarily capture this all in one shot so build up your story with images that are varied and reveal something interesting viewed as a collection. Possibly
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Creative Captures
Beautiful landscapes aside, there’s also plenty of fun to be had on autumn shoots. Try capturing the human elements of the season and involve the whole family at the same time. If you head to firework displays, find a clear view or high vantage point
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Converting Light Into Pixels
In a digital SLR, the sensor is blocked by a set of shutter blinds and a mirror, which have to move out of the way to expose the sensor to light. In a mirrorless camera, the sensor is visible when you remove the lens. Your camera’s imaging sensor is