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Control colour and contrast

James is a professional photographer. He’s an advanced Photoshop user and has created hundreds of tutorials.

When was the last time you watched a movie and the colours and tones looked just the way they do in real life? When was the last time you looked

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Bokeh Lenses
Some of us get obsessed with the sharpness of lenses, and how much infinitesimally fine detail they can resolve. But for soft and dreamy images, bokeh is more important. Bokeh is a measure of the pictorial quality of defocused areas within an image.
Digital Camera World2 min read
Paint Fruit
If you’re stuck at home, a great way to keep yourself entertained is to paint fruit. The trick with this type of image is to use a touch of bright colour teamed against a grey or monochrome background to make the remaining bit of colour pop from the
Digital Camera World1 min read
Different Types Of AF Points
Able to detect horizontal lines of contrast that ‘break’ the vertical sensor, this type of AF point is the most widely used. These sensors can struggle with vertical lines of contrast, although rotating the camera slightly can help. This type of AF p