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Get Creative With Your Food: Easy 20-minute Projects
FREEZE YOUR FOOD FOR DISTINCTIVE RESULTS Create a frosty still-life abstract that’s sure to turn heads, by freezing small berries in an ice cube tray. For the clearest ice, use distilled water and boil it twice in a kettle, then wait for it to comple
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Shoot A Starter
Where better to begin our journey into food photo heaven than with a starter dish? Appetisers are ideal stomping grounds to hone your skills with before you go onto a main course or dessert, which can be a little more involved. Starters are usually q
Digital Camera World2 min read
Colour By Hand
FILE & VIDEO Download the disc: Hand-colouring provides a highly intuitive way to give scenes and subjects a brand-new, stylised look. It was traditionally used to give black-and-white prints the feel of a full colour shot; now y