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Getting your images online is the best way to get your work noticed, gain new clients and even sell prints to customers that you could never reach in any other way. The internet gives you the chance to showcase your work in a way that’s accessible to people around the world, not just on your doorstep, and even to be found by magazines and professional picture editors. Of course, the web can be a big, confusing place where it’s hard to get noticed amid the sea of images already available, and you might also be worried about the possibility of image theft if you display your best shots publicly.

So here, we take a look at how to get your shots online, how to protect them, and how to help

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Back To Backlighting
Backlighting is just what it sounds like! It’s when you take your light and place it behind your subject. Backlighting can be shot in several ways and you can use any light source, from studio lights to the sun. How you present your subject can vary
Digital Camera World1 min read
Too Many Pixels?
Digital cameras sensors are packed with many more pixels than the 8 million needed for a 4K image, so camera engineers use a number of methods to get around this. The basic option is a 1:1 pixel crop, where a 3,840 x 2,160 (or 4,096 x 2,160) pixel po
Digital Camera World2 min read
Pull Pics Into Shape
The key to a successful shot is the quality of the composition, and the Crop Tool is often seen as the go-to tool for making improvements in this area. But the process of trimming off excess space and using a little rotation to fix a wonky horizon al