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This is particularly true when it comes to my photography. I like to perceive what surrounds me through the filter of my imagination. I am amazed by the limitless inspiration that the world can offer, but what seduces me is the possibility of transforming it. Through photography and digital editing, I aim to

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Digital Camera World1 min read
With Panasonic joining the likes of Sony, Nikon, Canon and Leica in offering full-frame mirrorless cameras, your choice of models in this attractive category has never been wider. Panasonic and Nikon’s flagship cameras, the Z 7 and the S1R, offer som
Digital Camera World1 min read
Six Ways To Shoot…
This sounds obvious, but it’s the most important aspect. Don’t over-complicate your composition: opt for a simple head and shoulders or a threequarter-length portrait rather than worrying about getting the whole person in the frame. Don’t rush your a
Digital Camera World1 min read
Seeing Ceilings
While it might require less brainpower to take most of our shots at eye level, if we only gaze skywards once in a while, there are fascinating textures and compositions to be found. Vadim Sherbakov has dedicated a whole ongoing project, Look Up, to t