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This is particularly true when it comes to my photography. I like to perceive what surrounds me through the filter of my imagination. I am amazed by the limitless inspiration that the world can offer, but what seduces me is the possibility of transforming it. Through photography and digital editing, I aim to

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Hit The City!
Cities are the melting pots of society. They contain variations on everything, from types of architecture that might be radically different from neighbourhood to neighbourhood–or from one side of the street to the other–to the people you see sitting
Digital Camera World2 min read
Shoot An HDR Landscape
HDR, or high-dynamic-range, photography is a technique that’s used to hugely increase the dynamic range in images. If you’re not familiar with the term, dynamic range is simply the ratio between the brightest and darkest parts of a scene. When you sh
Digital Camera World2 min read
Close Up
There is an entire world at our fingertips that we rarely have the time to notice – but anyone who studies objects and subjects at a closer proximity is often greatly rewarded! Macro or close-up photography is a fantastic genre to explore, whatever s