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iStorage Datashur Pro 2
From $59 From iStorage, Features 4GB — 512GB capacity A more secure alternative to cloud services is to store and transport data on a physical hardware key, and that’s what the Datashur Pro 2 does. A robust USB 3.2 Gen 1 data drive, i
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Video Editing
$299.99 From Apple, Features Magnetic timeline + audio roles + multi-camera editing FINAL CUT PRO has come a long way since its redesign and the addition of “X” to its name left many professional users cold. It’s now the go–to video editor
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Master sync IN THE FINDER
WHEN THE IPOD was invented, the only way to get content onto it was from your Mac, using iTunes. That ability to sync from macOS to a connected iOS device persists, with a Summary screen appearing when you select the device’s icon in iTunes, offering