Build a complete backup system

atastrophic hard drive failures are exceedingly rare. However, bad sectors and read/write errors are surprisingly common. Most of the time, the error checking algorithms built into macOS will spot such glitches and compensate for them in the background without you even

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Apple Maps Gets "Street View"
THERE’S A VERY obvious difference between Apple Maps and Google Maps. While Google offers top–down satellite maps plus ground–level Street View, Apple uses a combination of aerial photos and depth mapping to render 3D maps that you can zoom into from
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6 Divisive Apple Designs
1Mac Pro (2019) More parmesan, madam? All right, it’ll probably grow on us. At least they’re not charging $1,000 extra for the holes. 2Mac Pro (2013) If you wanted a shiny top–end desktop Mac that fitted in a rucksack, the “tin can” design was brilli
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