2000 Jobs returns as CEO


After being ousted from Apple in 1985, Steve Jobs spent 11 long years away, founding computer firm NeXT and securing early funding for Pixar. By 1996, however, Apple was on the

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APPLE’S DEFAULT CAMERA app is good, but it could be better. With the hardware on iOS devices becoming ever higher-resolution, and the computational capability of devices themselves on the rise, Apple’s simple, point-and-click app means keen photograp
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$1.99 From Studio Amplify, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 10.0 or later Cosm promises to make music for your mind. It’s a generative, non–linear music app that’s inspired by the likes of Steve Reich and Brian Eno, and like man
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Access From Anywhere
AS WELL AS using iCloud services and browsing your iCloud Drive files on your Macs and iOS devices, you can access iCloud in two ways that work with non–Apple products: via and in the iCloud app for Windows. The latter is available for Win