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ChatGPT Revises Authorship
Want a poem in the style of Frank O’Hara or a story in the style of Flannery O’Connor? Your wish is ChatGPT’s command: Just send the request and the words unfurl across your screen. In about thirty seconds, ChatGPT can unleash a 494-word “Flannery O’
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Feedback from readers Gabriella Graceffo’s outstanding article about a toxic workshop (“Pigeons, Pride, and Pedagogy: Surviving a Toxic Workshop,” March/April 2023) should be required reading for all workshop participants. She is spot-on when she wri
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Radiant Fog
MY FRIEND and I veered east on Highway 48 in northwestern Wisconsin as we headed for a July writers festival in my secondhand 1995 Geo Prizm, its metallic pale blue hood mottled with dark splotches as if decomposing. The previous owners, the nuns of