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Age: Sixty-four. Residence: Albuquerque, New Mexico. Book: Ground, Wind, This Body (University of New Mexico Press, March), a poetry collection exploring the vestiges of war and redemption as a traumatized soldier returns home from WWII carrying a legacy of violence and abuse. Editor: James Ayers. Agent: None.

I WATCHED Lucille Clifton, well into her fifties, perform: “these hips are mighty hips.

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The Time Is Now
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Joss Lake
author of three books, most recently the novel Summer Fun, published in July by Soho Press. I love Joss Lake’s vision of the future in Future Feeling, a holographic vista of glamorous trans influencers and a secret cabal of benign operator-caretakers
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Page One
“Black boy in the backseat of a cop car / across the street from my daughter’s jr. high, // hands cuffed behind his back: hard to see / him like that.” Worldly Things (Milkweed Editions, June 2021) by Michael Kleber-Diggs. First book, poetry collecti