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More than 20 years ago, on his way back to California after the Transpacific Yacht Race—an offshore event starting in San Pedro, California, and ending just east of Honolulu, Hawaii, or about 2,225 nautical miles—oceanographer and sailboat racing captain Charles Moore noticed something fishy in the North Pacific. “I could stand on deck for five minutes and see nothing but the detritus of civilization in the remotest part

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Rudder Mysteries
A while back, Capt. Bill Pike and I were discussing our nautical misadventures, trying to one-up each other with unusual, often unexplainable, occurrences we’d managed to survive: Racing sloops on the rocks, dockings so disastrous they were covered b
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Tactical Custom Boats T40
If you prefer to blend in at the dock, if you prefer to be left alone in idle solitude in the back corner of a harbor, if the thought of people streaming live videos of you from their phones while you maneuver into a tricky slip gives you cold sweat,
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Omie Tillet (1929-2019)
Omie Tillet was born to be a fisherman. At just 10 years old he could be found working the water with his father and by 20 he was running his own boat. By the ripe age of 31, Tillet and business partner Warren O’Neal began construction on their first