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Chasing Horses

It seems boat owners are always chasing speed. Skippers of sportfishermen want faster craft to get offshore in a hurry and remain on the grounds longer with their lines in, particularly during a high-profile tournament, when millions of dollars are on the line. Speed is alluring for owners of other boat types, too. Some people. (It reportedly topped 66 knots more than a decade ago.) But an owner’s demand for speed can sometimes conflict with physics, or the preferences of naval architects and boat builders.

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Sally Snowman wears a bonnet when she mows the lawn. You know, the staple headpiece for women in the Colonial era. “I don’t know why it ever went out of vogue,” Snowman says with a laugh, in a way that makes clear she is only partially joking. She’s
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In man overboard (MOB) scenarios, time is the difference between a quick rescue and tragedy. Wireless man overboard systems immediately notify those on board, and in some cases will actually shut down the engines. Statistics show that when someone go
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Day Tripper
If you’ve never heard the name Pardo before, don’t feel bad. The Italian motoryacht brand launched just three years ago with a 43-footer, following it up this year with the Pardo 50. But this is no Johnny-come-lately boat manufacturer—Cantiere del Pa