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Galeon 640 Fly

he word transformer is used to describe a lot of boats these days as more of them hit the water with convertible features that instantly switch up the look and function of living spaces. But one motoryacht appears to have more of these clever conveniences than most. When the Galeon 640 Fly debuted at a show recently, a shopper on its transom.

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A Fistfull of Dollars
Most manufacturers these days advise flushing raw-water-cooled marine machinery with a descaling solution, typically once or twice a year. There are many of these solutions on the market and most are fairly corrosive due to the inclusion of mineral-b
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Riviera Platinum Series
Riviera unveiled a new lineup of Sport Yachts at the Sanctuary Cove boat show, dubbed the Platinum Series. The models have been developed not only to build on the design and runaway success of their Sport Yacht range, but to take them to yet another
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Pyroclastic Fantastic
Pompeii. Krakatoa. Mount St. Helens. Volcanoes are generally associated with the death and destruction that follows when they blow their tops. Or inconvenience, as when the ash plume from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull led to a weeks-long, worldwide air