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Formula 430 ASC

There’s a reason you and I go to boat shows, and it isn’t for the food or to enjoy some quiet contemplation. We go for the new debuts, sure, but sometimes I find myself gravitating as much, if not more, to the side-by-side comparisons of a fleet. Such juxtapositions tend to raise interesting questions: Why

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Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Beaufort, North Carolina
North Carolina wears its scalloped coastline with pride. Like tines on a crown, the capes of North Carolina point out into the Atlantic Ocean with enough prominence to bend the mighty Gulf Stream. Situated midway along the coastline is the crown jewe
Power & Motoryacht3 min read
The Admiral’s Next Boat
With a combined 50-plus years of boating experience under our keels, much of it together on our various boats over the past two decades, my wife Elizabeth (a.k.a. the Admiral) and I have been thinking about The Next Boat. We usually see eye to eye on
Power & Motoryacht5 min read
Winning Formula
On a hot summer Sunday in North Miami, my husband Gary and I stepped aboard the Formula 380 Super Sport Crossover (SSC) with old friends, Vic and Arlene Spellberg. As we cast off the lines and got underway, Vic—who has worked with Formula and its par