The Gear Hacking Legends of Skiing



Jair Stolz lives in a solar-powered yurt in Bleaberry Valley, near Golden, BC, with his wife and two preteen kids. A DIY stalwart, like his mom before him, he has sewn his own clothes since he was 13.

Now, Stolz, 35, stitches his own outerwear from inside an old bus. He generally works

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PULLING INTO A SKI TOWN at night is one of those rare moments of awesome stomach-clenching excitement, akin to childhood Christmas mornings or heading out to trick or treat. The snowbanks are piled high along the road like some kind of snow-globe win
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You Don’t Have to Drink to Ski
IN 2007, I CAME HOME from Iraq after my last year in the U.S. Army. What followed was four years of rivers of booze and mountains of cocaine while trying to live a ‘normal’ life. At the two-year mark of being home, I started rock climbing. That gave
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’d seen the photos of the boys and their homemade skis, the rough-hewn planks. They were from Bamiyan in Afghanistan’s central highlands, famous for the giant Buddhas carved into an escarpment 1,500 years ago and destroyed by the Taliban just months