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Coolidge Corner, Kimberly Romanello felt like she didn’t have any gas left in the tank. Scene: Boston, her first-ever marathon, mile 22, April 17, 2017. Her head hurt. Her feet ached. Sweat pooled down her back, saturating her Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation mesh tank. Gazing into the sign-wielding

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Use Your Phone To Protect Yourself
YOU MAY ALREADY be carrying a powerful safety tool when you run. If you’re bringing your cell phone with you, make sure it’s fully charged before you head out. In addition to taking a video to document a harasser, you can use it to: Download an app t
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5 Meaningful Ways to Measure Success Beyond Speed
Running is so complex. It requires form, fitness, discipline, patience—and the list goes on. Yet of all the things we improve upon as we progress, we often focus solely on speed: faster splits, new PRs, finally achieving that BQ. While it’s tempting
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Why Podcasts Make Me a Better Runner
I haven’t run alone in years. My dog almost always runs with me, and we usually meet my friend Bethany on a busy corner about half a mile from our respective houses. The rest of the time, I run with Juliet Litman, a woman I’ve never actually met. Jul