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The Test Zone
We can’t control the weather, but luckily we can simulate rain. To test out waterproof jackets, I—the willing guinea pig—donned each one and slowly twirled around in our office shower to see if they lived up to their manufacturers’ claims. Photo Edit
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Worst Nightmare
HE WAS, UNQUESTIONABLY, at the top of his game. The then-27-year-old had just run one of his fastest races ever: 3:36 in the 1500 meters at the Oslo Diamond League Meet in Norway, beating out 18-year-old phenom Jakob Ingebrigtsen. Which is why, for A
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After college, I’d moved to Boston, ostensibly for a job but really for my boyfriend, who loved me but also worked 80-hour weeks. I spent the summer finding an apartment and working at a publishing company. It was a true nine-to-five that left my eve