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Every sailor, regardless of experience, feels some trepidation when meeting a new captain or crew for the first time. How well will their personalities fit? How do the others handle stressful situations? Will you live up to your own hype? These anxious thoughts were all racing through my mind as I approached my new captain. Then I found myself contemplating a somewhat

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Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300
Though best known for its cruising boats, Jeanneau has long kept a hand in competitive racing with its Sun Fast line. The newest of these French-built speedsters is the Sun Fast 3300, which takes the place of the long-lived 3200. A collaboration betw
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Thanks to Addison Chan for the update on the Bahamas (After the Storm, January). It has been many years since I cruised there, but I will never forget the beauty of the Abacos or the friendliness of the people. I was horrified to see the devastation
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Cruising Tips
Fuel consumption and range is really all about hull speed. This is the maximum at which a conventional sailboat can sensibly be driven and is equal to a constant (1.34) multiplied by the square root of waterline length (LWL). My boat’s LWL is 37ft. F