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I felt like the odd man out sitting on the boil at Rockpile, flanked on either side by a half dozen pros known for rushing the heaviest Hawaiian surf. Seeing as how I’m known for writing things like this magazine intro from the safety of my San Diego office, and not for throwing myself over mutant ledges in front of a literal pile of

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Of Perfect Waves and Their Keepers
A wave of anxiety washed over me as I boarded the plane and took in my surroundings. When I first learned how to get to the undisclosed wave I was en route to, I was told that as recently as last year, flights to the area had as few as 10 passengers.
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Hall of Strange
Clockwise from top left, the drugs ingested during the creation of these covers were peyote, marijuana, DMT, LSD, magic mushrooms, Quaaludes and, oddly enough, over-the-counter allergy medication (crazy, right?). The counterculture aesthetics of the
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Stoner Vision
The life of former SURFER photographer Ron Stoner is as tragic a tale as you’ll find in surfing—a heart-wrenching progression from shy kid to superstar lensman to drug-addled schizophrenic in less than a decade. The blink of an eye, really. But for a