Do you have other interests besides surfing? Other life-consuming hobbies or sports, complete with their own unique cultures, charmingly peculiar vocabularies, verbal signifiers of who’s part of the in crowd and who’s not? Can you move freely between the languages of surf and your other interests? I ask because I’ve spent the past few years spiraling deeply down the fly-fishing rabbit hole. Surely fly-fishing has a codified lingo, a jargon indecipherable to the outsider that immediately separates the newbs (me) from the long-timers (Ted, the fly-shop dude). But if it does, I have

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Surfer14 min read
Scions Of Style
Zack Flores shaped his first surfboard when he was 10 years old. Ten! Imagine even wanting to do a thing like that at that age. Most 10-year-old kids think surfboards just come from the surfboard store—if they think about where they come from at all.
Surfer4 min read
Flashback To The Summer Of ‘69
The Shortboard Revolution began in 1967 when longboards reigned supreme and over the next 2 years, board lengths dropped from 10-foot tankers to 7-foot “mind machines”. Such was the era of hippies, psychedelics and anything goes. The designs that def
Surfer14 min read
The Kids Of Queens
It was lunchtime on a hot August day in Waikiki and I was surrounded by a group of young longboarders—about a dozen or so teenagers with sun-bleached hair—at a mercifully-air-conditioned, if not particularly noteworthy otherwise, California Pizza Kit